For Gym Owners, Personal Trainers, and FitPros: 

Who Else Wants Insider Access to the “Best Investment a Gym Owner Can Make that Doesn’t Require A Time Machine, Elon Musk, or Bait-and-Switch Bullsh*t” 100% Free for 30 Days?

From the desk of: G.R. Hoff

Gym owner and grower (not shower), alleged eater of babies, whiskey, and charlatan gym growth goo-roos' hopes and dreams... 
No, it's not the headline on the front page of the USA Today, but it should be... 

Dearest Fellow Gym Owner, 

I’m tired. 

Tired of being lied to (and seeing my gym owner friends like you lied to)... constantly.  

Tired of the scams…

...of the 23-year old snot-nosed “expurrrrts” straight outta funnel school filling your DM’s and newsfeeds with bullshyte promises...

...f***ing tired of bait-and-switch wet dreams based on a model that, by design, pisses off your entire community and gives you the unmistakable scent of a sleazy used car salesman. 


(Triggered? Good.) 

Don’t believe me? Then why in the hell do the owners of bait-and-switch companies (and their “top dawg testimonials” from 3 years ago) all end up selling their gyms and ‘get out while the gettin’s good?’ 

I'll tell you why: because a single promotion or campaign does not a business make. 

But a single (sleazy) promo can make your reputation break. 

Here’s the deal: 

I’ve created a brand-new, kitchen-sink mentorship program that’ll give you proven, up-to-the-minute info that’ll turn your business into a marketing machine, help you sell more memberships (at higher prices) and have your customers love you for it, save you hundreds of hours per year with plug-and-play systems and done-for-you, swipe-and-deploy content, and just plain make your life better for less than a few bucks a day… and I want to give it to you absolutely free for 30 days. 

Why in the hell would I do this? 

Frankly, I feel like there’s a hole in the market for the great gym owners & fit pros in our community who are looking for answers but know, deep in their damn souls, that the filth they see crowding their newsfeed with “EIGHT BILLION CLIENTS GUARANTEED IN 32 SECONDS OR YOUR MONEY BACK,” fake, doctored testimonials, and bait-and-switch bullsh** just ain’t the answer. 

I wanted to build a resource for great people like you, at a price point where even the most cash-strapped fit pro (we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, no?) could get real what’s working now advice from a CURRENT gym owner who owns four service-driven boutique gyms of his own and has to go head to head with “the big guys,” the mega-agencies and biggest companies in the space (and wins) every single day. 

Did I mention I want to give it to you free?
If You're a Gym Owner or Fit Pro Who...
… wants to be viewed as a leader & pillar of your community, not be viewed as a sleazy scam-artist trying to pull a fast one on your market…

... wants a business that pays you handsomely DECADES from now (whether you’re there or not), not something that grabs a lot of cash with crappy clients who end up refunding and leaving six weeks later (those make GREAT testimonials for the goo-roos who swindled ya on the idea, though)... 

… wants a consistent, predictable, reliable stream of clients & profits and never get the ole “oh shit that one thing our whole business is built on isn’t working anymore and now we’re in big f***ing trouble!” issue that’s probably cost you a few hundred hours of sleep at night… 

… wants a feeling of calm & control over their business, instead of the stress-monster knives-in-your-stomach gut punch every time you look at your bank account or get an “it’s not you it’s me" breakup email from a client…  

… wants a business built to weather every storm, who want to be ready when the next “COVID” hits with an unshakeable business that has stacks of cash to spare...  
If you’re a gym owner who wants to win in ways that you, your team, your community, the people you serve, your family, and, not least importantly, your bank account are gonna feel absolutely awesome about… This is for YOU. 

"Who the hell are YOU to help ME win!!!??? You're just some prematurely graying a**hole with bad jokes, aren't you?!!!"

Fair point... My name's G.R. Hoff & I've been playing this game as a trainer and gym owner for over a decade now... I lived the all-too-familiar "ride-the-little-yellow-struggle-bus..." I was a great coach, I cared deeply about my clients, I took care of ‘em and was getting them awesome results… but I was hurting… 

I started out in a complete 💩-hole of a subleased corner of a basement (that I'll neither confirm nor deny was technically illegal at the time) and, in spite of having no idea how the hell to run a business (and barely enough clients to make the payments), decided to take on a 5-year lease in a sh**ty little warehouse across town. 

I was terrified. 

That fear turned to failure when, the month we got married (and the last month before we had to start making the lease payments), I looked at our billing software and realized that we GROSSED a whopping $832 that month… I couldn’t even pay for my half of the apartment (let alone make the lease payment). 

Little did I know that 58 days later I’d be stacking cash and on the way to my first $10k month… 

That fear of checking the bank account and wondering if there’d be money to cover the bills turned to excitement… 

And, through luck, grit, guidance from great mentors, and a bunch of stupid, relentless, hard work. Sh** paid off. 

We’ve grown from the one dirty, dingy corner in the basement to owning 4 well-oiled-machine gyms of my own that I live a minimum of about 1000 miles away from. 

And, as you can probably imagine, growing like that got me some attention in the circle of gym owners I was running around with at the time, and I've been fortunate enough to be the undercover "growth guy" (you know, Facebook ads, automation, sales shiz) for some of the most successful private gyms in the world.

Fun fact: big name gym owners (particularly my clients with thousands of licensees using their name) make for pretty big targets in the marketing world... so I've had the "pleasure" of going up against the biggest agencies and gurus in the space... head to head. Mano-mano. Their campaigns vs. mine... to date, I've won every contest (yes, even against fake free mustaches and not-so-quiet rumors🤷‍♂️), to the point where we’re now the sole digital marketing provider for one of the most forward-thinking franchises in the fitness space. 

Truth is, it's been about a 10-year overnight success story. It's not sexy. It's not "here in my garage" taking "influencer" pics in front of someone else's Lambo, or throwing up doctored numbers from bull💩 fake free challenges where 90% of the people refund or are gone within 3 months...

... no... it isn't that... but it has created a pretty sweet life for me, my growing family (that's baby #2 in the pic at the top of the page. Decided not to eat her after all 🤷), and the select gym owners I've brought on as private clients #teasealert 

In fact, we've done a pretty great job at p*ssing off the industry establishment... (the big agencies and bait-and-switch elephants in the room HATE us)... but our clients are killing it. 

So what does that mean for you? 🤫

Well, we’re here to piss off some more “goo-roos” and to put more money where it belongs: in YOUR pocket… 

Here’s how we’re gonna do exactly that -- put more money in YOUR pocket instead of throwing thousands down the drain in scammy, never-deliver coaches and mentors, cookie-cutter agencies still getting by on testimonials from four years ago, and the new pay per show scam running wild on your feed right now:
We’re gonna give you proven, real-world, tested, swipe-and-deploy information you can use to make more money, help more people, and live the life you deserve… and we’re gonna do it all at a price that’s gonna put me on my accountant’s naughty list (don’t even get me started on what my wife said when I told her what I wanted to charge)... 

Here’s what we’ve got for you when you go ahead and claim your free month in the Sell Serve Succeed Inner Circle… 
  • The Sell Serve Succeed Inner Circle offline (paper & ink) newsletter- featuring a mixture of no frills business tactics, lessons, campaigns and systems I use to make my (and my clients’ gyms) more profitable and less stressful every day, along with deep-dive analysis of what’s working now (and why) in the industry.

    We have the privilege of being a “guru to the guru’s” and see the inner workings of what’s happening in the world’s most successful gyms every single day, and we’ll share the most actionable, useful, timely information with you every single month… 

    You’ll see what’s worked (and didn’t work)... What we’re doing in various markets and models (we work with every training/relationship focused fitness concept under the sun)... How we’re growing our sales… streamlining operations… finding and managing great people… And exactly how you can apply what we’re doing (and seeing) to your business. 

    My goal is for you to be able to tear open each issue, grab a nice beverage of your choice, pore through every word in one sitting (if you prioritize ‘word count’ over ‘profitable info’ this ain’t for you), and then IMMEDIATELY use the information to make 10X your monthly subscription back, minimum, within a few days. 

    And then, as long you plan on staying in business and continuing to be great at what you do, reap of the rewards of the work we’ll do for you, well, practically forever! 

    [In fact the very first issue shares a little known tweak we’ve made to our follow-up process that’s already been worth over six figures this year and is on pace to be a 7-figure change for us over the next 12 months]

    [And don’t even get me started on the second issue… where I’ll give you the whole scoop on how I went from being a failing personal trainer in the corner of a moldy basement to owning four gyms that I live a minimum of a thousand miles away from... ]

    To my knowledge, this kind of industry-specific ‘behind-the-curtain’ access and service doesn’t exist, but if you wanted to pay for the average ‘non-gym’ marketing newsletter you’d pay about $197-297/month (I pay for a few of these, it’s true) and then you’d still have to do the work to take the info and try to twist it to fit the fitness industry... 

    At the price you'll pay for this (after your free test drive), it'd be a complete steal on its own... but I wanted to make this a completely idiotic, ridiculous, "HOW AND WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS" offer for ya... 
  • Super Awesome Value Bomb #2: Swipe & Deploy Sales Funnels, Strategies, and Lead Generators Every Other Month 

    This is where things start to get stupid... 

    Every other month you’ll get a new, timely, plug-and-play, copy & paste swipe of our best performing funnels -- sometimes it’s a seasonal challenge, other times a timely lead magnet to nurture (and drive to book with you), each with easy-as-hell guides to use and implement in your favorite page building software or install the whole thing (emails, text messages, and all) with our systems in just a couple of clicks. 

    You could pay as low as $97/month for similar services like this on their own or pay $1500-$5000 for custom builds, though I doubt your other options here are actually testing and optimizing what they’re sharing in multiple models and markets before they release ‘em to you like we do… but that’s none of my business #kermitmeme
  • Super Awesome Value Bomb #3: Monthly group calls and webinars with me and my team of ‘been there, done that’ gym owner and tech geniuses 

    You’ll be able to get all your individual questions answered and harness the power of the group in our live group “fireside chats” with other driven, successful gym owners who are doing the things you want to be doing. 

    I know what you're thinking... YES, you get access during your FREE 30-day expeirence as well. 

    We’ve charged as much as $750 for single, one-hour calls with yours truly, and you’ll get full access for absolute effing fractions of pennies on the dollar. 
At this point you're bound to be asking yourself "why in. the hell are you doing this???" You're literally GIVING this away!!!
Let's cut the foreplay and get straight to the point, shall we? I'm looking at this from two angles, the very real selfess angle and the also real selfish one. 

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that this industry... the "gym growth guy & gal" industry... is an absolute f***ing swamp full of 98% idiots who've never done the thing they claim to be able to coach you to do. 


It's way too easy to lie, doctor testimonials, or use testimonials from 10 years ago when their stuff actually worked... 

I'm sick of talking to gym owners who tell me "XYZ agency killed their business..." "_ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ bankrupted me..." "X promised the world and never delivered..."

Eff that noise. 

So, on the "wholesome" selfless angle: I want to make it easier than ever for great coaches and gym owners to get great, real-world, win now and for the long haul information. Gym owners and fit pros are absolutely world-changers... I believe we (remember, I still own my gyms...) change the trajectory of lives as much or more as any local business can... and I want to see us as an industry win. 


This is, straight up, a way to get you into our universe so you see what the REAL world of sustainable, FUN, anti-sell-your-soul gym growth looks like. 

So that, straight up,  you see first hand that we're the real f***ing deal and decide to continue to pay us so we don't completely lose our shit sending out free sh** in the mail. 

We also believe that some of you will want more intensive help and will eventually hire our squad of gym growth super-ninjas to explode your gym for you with our full service marketing agency or 1-on-1 mentorship + mastermind once we open up some availability there again. 

That said, whether you ever become a client of our agency or just stick around as a newsletter reader, it's only fair that we EARN your trust first... and the best way to earn that trust, if you ask me, is to make an offer so great you'd be an idiot to turn down (and take 100% of the risk and put it solely on our shoulders)... 
So how about some more wicked-valuable perks when you claim your FREE 30-day experience? 

Put G.R. in the Crazy House Early Adopter Bonus #1: Done-for-you ‘Steal-our-Sheeyit’ “Affinity & Authority” Content Marketing Playbook:

...including DONE-FOR-YOU social media posts, email newsletters, and make-money-now messages every single month [!!!]

Yep, seriously. All included. 

You’ll get a full month of done-for-you content that you can swipe and implement immediately to save you hours (and hours… and hours) of time so you can become the ultimate authority in your market without having to deal with writers’ block or the guilt of “I know I should be emailing my list more but…”

These are meticulously curated posts with a strategic mix of content designed to #1: get more people into your universe (more eyeballs) #2: ‘warm up’ those eyeballs so they know, like, and trust you (mmm… for selling at higher prices because you’re THE authority in your area) and #3: turn those eyeballs into appointments (so you can turn ‘em into happy, raving fan members)

We’ve asked some of our pilot members how much time they’ve saved using our done-for-you content, and the low end was about 2 hours a week (the high was 10 hours a week): “I was spending two hours a day trying to come up with the next post and email,” but I digress)... if you want to make $100,000 a year and work 40 hours a week for 52 weeks a year your time would have to be worth about $50 an hour…

If we use the low end math this would be worth at least $100 a week to ya (and that’s before we accounted for any increased sales because of our make money now magic)... That’d be in the neighborhood of $5200 for a year of content (and that’s probably a pretty fair price, tbh). 

We’ve seen similar services charge upwards of $97 for this… a great value, no doubt, particularly considering how much time you’d save you and your team… how much focus you’d be able to free up so you could dig into more valuable areas of your business (or just play with your kids for a extra few hours a week)... 

… but... if it’s cool with you we’ll just give it to you… free. As a thank you for being an early adopter in the Inner Circle. Fair-ish?

Put G.R. in the Crazy House Early Adopter Bonus #2: The Infamous Hero’s Journey Sell-to-Serve Sales Mastery Program.

Up until now this program has been reserved for our private mastermind and mentorship clients, but when we release it as an a la carte product later this year we’ll be listing at a minimum of $997. 

This is a monster masterclass in anti-sleazeball selling -- and our members use it every day to close everything from high-ticket paid-in-fulls to friction-free $300, $400, and $500 a month memberships without being pushy slimeballs or “feeling salesy.” 

In fact, this framework is so powerful we’ve even trained part-time moms to go from filing paperwork in exchange for a membership to closing high ticket fitness sales worth $1500-5000 in less than a week… and they didn’t even have to sell their souls to do it! 

In the Sell-to-Serve Masterclass, you’ll discover: 

💪 The “boot-in-the-door” method that 98% of salespeople miss that, when ignored, puts your entire sales process at risk in the first 3-6 seconds… 

💪 The top 3 methods for handling the impatient, annoying “what’s the price” person, how to avoid ever getting that question again in the first place 

💪The most important question in every sales process that doesn’t just increase your close rate -- it creates a drastic increase in rapport and makes you a better coach while it’s making you money... 

💪 The “ethical origin story” that lets you get all the ‘backstory’ you need from every potential member… without making them feel like a terrible person (the anxiety and pain methodology most fitness sales guys are peddling is a great way to get front end money... it’s also a great way to end up refunding 80% of your signups and never keep your clients for longer than 3 months)

💪 The secret equation you’ve used without knowing it on every date you’ve ever been on… that instantly allows you to fix what went wrong in every ‘lost’ sale… 

💪 Our hidden ‘ogre’ methodology that creates a fairy tale bond between you and your clients that leads to more buy-in, less “falling off the path,” and better results for every member you use this on… 

💪 How an imaginary Tesla can instantly separate your service from every other competitor and option in your market and have your prospect eating out of the palm of your hand by the time you get to the close… 

💪 The critical missed step in almost every gym’s sales process that leaves prospects and members feeling like chopped liver, even if you’re awesome at what you do… 

💪 Exactly how to structure your offers to sell at higher prices, collect more cash, and have your clients love you for it (because you’ll give them exactly what they need)

💪 The only answer to “I need to talk to my husband / wife / partner / dog” you’ll ever need… 

💪 The choose-your-own-adventure micro-move you’ll use to find out exactly what your prospect needs to hear when they say “that’s expensive/more than I expected/wow…”

And it's all put together in simple, easy-to-implement, swipe and deploy video modules, complete with word-for-word scripts you'll customize for you, your brand, and your unique genius. 

You'll very likely become the best "salesman/woman" in your area almost overnight... the scary part is you'll actually feel GREAT about doing it because you're creating positive, long-term focused relationships with your clients from day 1. 

In order to get your hands on this once these spots are filled you'll either have to be one of our premium mentorship or mastermind clients OR you'll have to cough up a minimum of $997 to get it WITHOUT all the other ridonculous bonuses you're getting when you enroll today... 

I'd say it's time for you to be telling us to shut up and take your money... but we're giving you the keys to all this free (I'm starting to believe my accountant was right... I AM crazy)...  

"Great So We Get a Free Month And Then It's 82 Zillion Dollars a Month After That, Right?"

Eh, you've got a point. 

Although it's AT LEAST worth naming rights to your firstborn (I mean, let's recap everything you're getting here)... oh and to be totally more than fair we'll just list what you'd have to pay for other lesser, comparable services (instead of bloated guru numbers)... k?: 

💰 Sell Serve Succeed Inner Circle Paper and Ink Newsletter [Including the Six Figure Swipe File every single month]- $197-297 value 
💰 Swipe & Deploy Sales Funnels, Campaigns, & Lead Magnets - $97 value
💰 Members-Only Community of like-minded gym owners so you never go it alone again - $97 value
💰 Monthly Members-Only Webinars & Group Coaching Calls - $750 value (what you'd have to pay for a coaching call with your's truly back when we still did those a la carte) 
💰 Done-for-you social media posts, emails, and make money now messages every month - $97 value
💰 Sell-to-Serve Masterclass
- $997 value
💰 Finally building a winning gym - priceless

That's a total value of $2,235 (but who's counting?) 

Now, I know you know you're getting so much more here than the other monthly programs charging $499 a month... And if you take just ONE idea from the Six Figure Swipe File you'd have to be the world's most terrible coach not to make an absolutely BONKERS return on your investment if we charged $1000 a month for the info.  

Hell, we could just make it a total no-brainer and charge what the other guys charge at $297 a month and you'd join up faster than Kevin Durant hopping over to the Warriors to grab a couple chips, wouldn't you?

But I don't want to charge you $1000 a month... (even though it'd be worth it)... 

I don't want to charge you $297 a month... (even though it'd be a steal)... 

I don't even want to stop at lopping $100 off the "make it a steal" price of $297 and charge a pennies on the dollar, "get one client and you're more than covered" price of $197/month... 

That's why, right now, for the first 100 members to sign up, you'll get the bargain basement "shut up and take my money before you change your mind price" of just $79 a month (that's if you don't bug out and cancel during your free, no obligation 30-day experience, of course)

Yep, free for the first 30 days then, if you decide you want to stick around, just $79 a fricken' month for the whole shebang... 
💰 Sell Serve Succeed Inner Circle Paper and Ink Newsletter [Including the Six Figure Swipe File every single month]- $197-297 value INCLUDED
💰 Swipe & Deploy Sales Funnels, Campaigns, & Lead Magnets - $97 value INCLUDED
💰 Members-Only Community of like-minded gym owners so you never go it alone again - $97 value INCLUDED
💰 Monthly Members-Only Webinars & Group Coaching Calls - $750 value INCLUDED 
💰 Done-for-you social media posts, emails, and make money now messages every month - $97 value INCLUDED
💰 Sell-to-Serve Masterclass
- $997 value INCLUDED

Listen, if we did an absolutely terrible, horrendous, deplorable job and you somehow only managed to turn all of this into ONE extra client per month you'd be making a minimum of DOUBLE your investment back... 

Are you really not gonna be able to turn... 

... what's working now lead gen & ad strategies we use to beat the hell out of the big guys every day PLUS completed, swipe and deploy, ready to go social media posts, emails, and make money now messages into AT LEAST a few more leads a month? 

... rigorously optimized and tested plug-and-play sales funnels (the one in the first issue has already been worth over 7-figures to us and our clients since we implemented it in February) into at LEAST a couple more appointments a month? 

... and, even if you're completely GOD-AWFUL at sales (which, if you use the $997 Master-Class we're including FREE, you CAN'T be), could you turn those extra appointments into AT LEAST one extra member a month?

So now, even if you're completely terrible at the whole shebang, awful at implementing, and the world's worst coach and salesperson... 

You'd still be AT LEAST doubling your investment every month (and again, that's if you're a complete idiot like I am!) 

Oh, and just to completely remove every possible element of risk here (you know, in addition to your completely FREE 30-day test drive)... 

Your Inner Circle Membership Comes With A Completely Ridiculous, Unconditional, Screw-Me-Over 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Look, I get it. Even with a FREE trial (and all the reminders we'll send you to let you know when your trial's coming to an end), sometimes life gets in the way and you forget about things. 

Maybe you're worried you'll get all the "good stuff" in month one and we'll fall off the wagon after you start paying for it. I hear you. I've been there. You need to protect every ounce of cash you can (now more than ever), and you need to know, with 100% certainty, that you're getting MORE than your money's worth. 

So to make this even more of a complete no-brainer for you, we're throwing in a completely unconditional 100% money-back guarantee (yep, we'll even eat the shipping costs and credit card processing fees). 

If you're not happy for whatever reason (or just like screwing over prematurely graying girl dads) in your first 60 days with us, I INSIST that you shoot an email over to our member success director at help @ and we'll refund your full investment immediately. You can even keep your first two issues as a gift from us to prove there are no hard feelings. 

Now I know you're probably screaming "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" at the top of your lungs, but we've got to do a little housekeeping before you go ahead and claim your trial... 

When do I get my newsletter every month? 
We send each issue to the printer on the 20th of every month and ship via the good ole USPS (someone's gotta keep 'em in business, no?), so regardless of where you're at you'll get your issue in time to swipe and steal all our goodies before the next month kicks off :) 
How do I get access to back issues? 
We'll put our back issues on sale a couple of times a year, but membership has its privileges. Doesn't seem fair to reward Mr. "Dummy-drag-his-feet" access to all the content Mrs. "Smart-Decision-Sally" paid for if he signs up a year after Smart Sally, does it? Like we said before, if you can't find a way to 10x your money on this investment, do all of us a huge and don't drag your feet, just run the other way :)  
When do I get my bonuses?
Instantly! You'll get access to your SSS Sales Mastery and Done-for-You Authority and Affinity content as soon as the magic of the internet clicks its heels and says "there's no place like the Inner Circle..." Seriously though you'll get a log-in via email a couple minutes after claiming your free 30 days ;) 
What happens if I have to cancel?
Totally cool! You can cancel anytime, just shoot an email over to help @ [there will be easy links in your members' area] and we'll take care of you. 
I'm dead effing broke though!!??
Then... jump on the damn free trial and start implementing. No, you won't be a fit for our higher level programs for awhile, but we'll be sending you cash-stacking bonuses and content, for FREE, like a bunch of crazy people (yes, we're even covering your shipping costs!) 
Why are you giving this away free? (and then basically free every month afterwards) 
#1: I love gym owners... I still AM one (don't hold it against me)... and I'm sick of our awesome community being swindled by so-called goo-roos who are in it to grab as much money as they can from good people like you and then cut and run when their shit stops working (or doesn't work at all). So... instead of TELLING you how awesome we are, we felt like it'd be better if we just SHOWED you, no? #2: *Super duper selfish alert* we believe that, as you get to know us, you'll see we're the real deal and many of you will jump on the opportunity to take advantage of some of the higher level services we have to offer when we have availability. We also believe you'll tell your friends about the insane value you get from us and that some of those friends will eventually become customers, too. 
When will I have time to put all this to work for me? "I'm already so busy"... 
The better question is how will you have time to get anything done if you DON'T take advantage of what we're giving you today.. how much time are you spending splapping together your own content, putting together your own marketing campaigns and ideas, getting frustrated with technology and algorithms and leads that don't convert? We believe everyone has limited resources to invest (time, money, and energy), with us, you'll free up so much time and energy you WOULD be spending trying to figure out things yourself... and so much money from #1: stopping the burn and churn of your old campaigns that ain't working like they used to and #2: driving new cash into the business it's almost impossible NOT to get a return on your investment... 
"How many pages"? "What does it look like?" 
Look, if you're #1 priority is glossy, magazine cover design or word count for the sake of word count... ya just ain't in the right place. Now, if you want proven, tested, what's-working-now strategies, tactics, lessons, and advice from someone who's DOING the thing you want to be doing (and who's trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry as their secret "behind the scenes" growth guy)... this is for you. If you're looking for fluff or you care more about your information being pretty than you do about it being good, we're not gonna be the best fit for you. 
But will I get any results? Will this work for me? In MY market? With MY model?  
We can't guarantee you achieve ANYTHING with this, or any other program. The truth is, most humans are lazy and never do a damn thing with the things they buy. If you're one of those humans, I have no sympathy for you. Sorry. 

Now, in terms of (very fair) questions about individual market conditions, individual business models, etc.: I'm proud to say we've helped pretty much every combination of training (think boutique, coaching focused gyms) in every possible market... what we teach is NOT one-size-fits-all... we take the best of what we see in the gyms we still own and the hundreds of gyms we help around the world and help you bring that together with your unique genius/culture/brand and give you the best of both worlds. In short, it works if you do, and we can help you customize our strategies, tips, and tactics to match any market condition and model, as long as you're a coaching/service-driven gym (and not JUST a "leave me alone and let me train" equipment rental big box gym). 
Fine, dammit, where do I sign up?!
Just click the yellow button below and you'll be magically transported to our checkout page. Enter your details there and you'll get instant access to your bonuses (and we'll shoot your first issue of the Inner Circle Newsletter over to the printer to get it into your hands ASAP! 
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Wes Anderson Portland keffiyeh Schlitz cred. American Apparel synth twee, keffiyeh post-ironic Banksy craft beer...
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Testimonial Givers Name

Wes Anderson Portland keffiyeh Schlitz cred. American Apparel synth twee, keffiyeh post-ironic Banksy craft beer...
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